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Tableau Desktop 8.2.3

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 8.2.22, which contains additional fixes.

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Mon, September 29, 2014

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

When creating an extract, if you added a date field as a filter and then selected a date range, an unexpected error occurred when you tried to save the extract.


When creating an extract from a Google BigQuery data source, the operation failed, causing the error, “The Google BigQuery service experienced an unknown internal error. Please report this problem to Google.”


Tableau Desktop would generate a "Firebird database error 335544984: Database is probably already opened by another engine instance in another Windows session" error when used in multi-user virtual environments such as Citrix and VMWare.


Tableau Desktop stopped responding when a web zone on a dashboard displayed certain SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) fonts.


When you typed Hebrew or Arabic text in a text dialog and clicked OK, the first character was removed. If you reedited the text, the first character was missing. Saving and reloading the workbook added "\x0;" in place of the missing character.


Interactive filters (for example, a quick filter with a slider) were significantly slower than in previous versions.


When creating a calculated field, Japanese characters being typed in the Formula text field only displayed after pressing ENTER.


When connected to an OData data source, datetime fields displayed null values.


If you used the localized word for "Value", "Computation", "FieldName" or "FieldLabel" as a custom label on a reference line, that word was translated to English. For example, the Japanese Character '値' was translated to 'Value'. (desktop)


In Tableau Desktop, when making a connection with a workbook that had a locale different from the UI language, that locale did not immediately take effect, leading to unexpected results in custom geocoding.


When selecting multiple measures and dragging them to the view, only one of the measures was added.


Tableau Desktop (Japanese version) would stop working when using a workbook that was upgraded from 8.1 to 8.2. The issue occurred when doing a variety of tasks including connecting to a live data source, changing filters, switching between workbook sheets and adding fields to a view.


On Tableau on the Mac, date literals generated a "not a valid date" error.


Opening Tableau Desktop resulted in a proxy server prompt for username and password and if you did not enter your credentials, maps in workbooks did not display.


When using a Multiple Values (Dropdown) quick filter, typing Japanese or Chinese characters either did not display or matching characters were not recognized as values in the data.


You could not type in a custom formatting text box if a quick filter that accepted text was showing in the view.


When using a Date filter, you needed to drag a measure field to the view twice before the values appeared.


Saving a .tde file with the same name as an existing .tde caused the error, “Tableau Data Engine Error: 4 … Path does not exist,” and deleted the existing .tde file.


Copying a worksheet and pasting it to a new workbook did not persist the connection information. Instead of prompting for the appropriate password, a "problem connecting to the ... data source" error displayed.


When working with text in a text object, caption or annotation, if you changed the font from the default and then deleted the current text, the font formatting reverted to the default (Arial 9pt).


Performance recordings of Japanese and Chinese workbooks displayed incorrect characters in the workbook and sheet names.

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