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Tableau Desktop 8.1.8

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 8.1.25, which contains additional fixes.

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Thu, June 12, 2014

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This release contains a critical security fix to Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and Tableau Reader that reduces exposure to man-in-the-middle and denial of service vulnerabilities. To address these vulnerabilities, the OpenSSL library used by the affected Tableau products has been upgraded.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

For Hadoop connection types, added support for user name and password authentication. SSL is available for connections to HiveServer2.


Amazon Redshift connections could fail with a "an error occurred validating the custom SQL connection" message. This could be caused by several circumstances, including "date" data types and inefficient metadata queries.


When using SSL offloading with a non-default port, clicking a thumbnail for a workbook located on the server without being logged into the server would result in the following error message: "Couldn't connect to server" instead of the sign-in prompt.


When connecting to a Salesforce data source, Tableau Desktop would drop the connection and then revert to the Connect to Data dialog box without returning an error.


Manually repositioning labels for U.S. states, would cause some marks to snap into place in locations other than either their starting position or where you attempted to move them.


Amazon Redshift workbooks were not allowing subscriptions if the SSL-required option was not selected. This impacted version 8.1.6 and earlier workbooks.


A sort option for the Total column was not showing in Tableau Desktop even when it was showing as expected for the same Total column in Tableau Server.


When using blended data, dropping a dimension from the primary data source and a date dimension from the secondary data source into the view, setting the date dimension to discrete and exact date, and then adding it to the Filters shelf as a relative date filter would cause a "No such column" error.


It was not possible to publish to a Tableau Server project that contained a special character, such as a plus sign (+), in its name.


Replacing references for a field would cause a filter associated with selected worksheets to revert to just the current worksheet.


Graphics Device Interface (GDI) leaks would occur, causing Tableau to stop responding. The problem was observed when creating user filters or editing sets.


When connecting to Excel, the following error would sometimes occur: "The parameter is incorrect," followed by additional data. The problem would typically occur when a 32-bit version of Tableau Desktop was attempting to use a 64-bit driver to connect to a Microsoft Excel file.

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