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Tableau Desktop 8.0.4

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 8.0.22, which contains additional fixes.

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Tue, August 27, 2013

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

When automatic updates were paused and selections on a multiple values quick filter selected, resuming automatic updates caused the filter to re-select All instead of using the correct selections.?

A 'no such function: Sum' error could occur and the application could unexpectedly exit when using a calculated field that uses the REPLACE function and fields from a blended data source.

Added support for connecting to Hortonworks HiveServer2.

Added a new TDC option: CAP_SUPPRESS_QUICK_FILTER_ACCELERATION_VIEWS. This option prevents Tableau from issuing queries to construct acceleration views for relative values quick filters. This option can be used in cases where product performance was degraded when using quick filters. See Knowledge Base article Customizing ODBC Connections for more information on using TDC files

Dragging-select zoom on a map would not properly zoom to the selected location.

Added support for connecting to Teradata tables that contain spatial columns.

Date calculations when using Tableau Extracts could result in months being assigned to the wrong quarter due to a discrepancy in how the end of month was computed.

When connecting to views with a Sybase ASE data source, joins are not being executed correctly.

Certain image files added to a dashboard would not resize properly which could cause Tableau to exit with a Runtime Error.

Updated the built-in geocoding data with a large number of missing cities and provinces in Turkey and Brazil.

Implemented a significant performance optimization for worksheets that include totals. Test workbook results showed reductions in time to display from 46 seconds down to 26 seconds in one case, from 25 seconds down to 11 seconds in a second case, and from 5 seconds down to 2 seconds in a third case. Only worksheets that include totals benefit from this optimization, and results will vary, but we are seeing significant improvements in a number of scenarios.This change affects both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

Opening a workbook which references a font which was not available on the machine could cause the application to unexpectedly exit.

Permanent tables were being generated to support Top N filters. These filters now correctly generate temporary tables. This issue was known only to affect SAP Sybase ASE data sources, and the fix is specific that that data source.

When a mark type was set to line, setting a specific mark's label to 'never show' had no effect and the mark label continued to display. It was also not possible to turn labels on for other points on the line.

When using dual axis views combining area charts with either bar, square, or Gantt marks; edges on the area chart could be jagged or pixelated when OpenGL was disabled.

The More/Fewer quick filter indicator did not change even though the selected change was reflected in the quick filter.

When using SQL Server impersonation, it was possible under certain conditions for users to access data that they did not have permission to view in the SQL Server database. The problem would occur after one user (user A) logged on, when another user (user B) logged on. The view for user B would, until the database was re-queried, show data belonging to user 1. When vizql caching was set to Balanced/Cache for no longer than 1 minute, the correct data was initially loaded in the view as long as users waited longer than a minute between requests to load the view.

Tableau could stop responding when performing a licensing check because of network permission issues. Tableau now provides a message as to why the licensing check failed (network returned access denied).

When connected to Hadoop Hive data sources, column names that began with integers could cause an 'EncodeInteger: bad argument' error when creating an extract.

When a single value dropdown quick filter was set to show Only Relevant Values, the filter would become unresponsive when there were no relevant values to show. The quick filter now displays a No items. message in this case.

Connecting to a Teradata database with larger data sets or multiple table joins could result in an Invalid Cursor State error.

The product could become unresponsive after a wildcard filter was applied with a large data set as it was incorrectly querying for the entire domain rather than the subset specified by the filter.

Exporting a dashboard to EMF format would sometimes result in inconsistent legend heights.

When automatic updates were paused, quick filter menus would collapse rather than displaying all relevant values and maintaining the correct card height.

When connecting to a Greenplum data source, a connection that had timed out was not being handled properly and would cause a Could not send query (connection dead) error.

Added support for connecting to MapR HiveServer2.

Added support for connecting to EXASOL EXASolution data sources.

Added support for connecting to Cloudera HiveServer2.

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