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Tableau Desktop 8.0.2

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 8.0.22, which contains additional fixes.

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Tue, June 11, 2013

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Printing to PDF from a Tableau workbook that uses transparency may result in blurry output in the PDF file.

When running on Windows XP, Tableau Desktop can stop responding when exiting or when switching between workbook tabs. The problem is due to an accumulation of menu handles.

Borders would occasionally be clipped and results truncated on the far right side of dashboards when selecting File > Print > Adobe PDF.

Fixed an issue in Tableau Desktop where Menu Filter Actions were inadvertently cleared when scrolling twice or clicking marks.

When running on Windows XP, the application would sometimes stop responding when exiting or when switching between workbook tabs. This problem was due to an accumulation of menu handles.

Moving a field from the Columns shelf to the Rows shelf sometimes caused the product to become unresponsive, although the action would eventually complete.

Label text in Gantt charts would sometimes overlap with marks when the axis was set to automatic.

After publishing a workbook, switching tabs in the preview window would not load the views if the default web browser was set to Internet Explorer 10.

Views and dashboards that connect to data extracted from a Tableau Server data source would show as empty when opened in Tableau Reader. The problem occurred when the view contained a parameter-based table calculation.

When connected to a multidimensional data source, the application would unexpectedly exit when filtering on a hierarchy that does not have any levels.

In Windows 8, sets could not be dragged or right-clicked in the Data window without first re-sizing the Data window to introduce a horizontal scroll bar.

Fixed an issue in which the borders of custom polygon marks on a filled map were not as smooth as they were in previous versions.

In workbooks that contain several filters, selecting a drop-down filter, then turning off automatic updates, and then selecting a multiple select filter would result in the filter reverting back to selecting all when the automatic updates were resumed.

Fixed an issue where the initial connection to an IBM Netezza database sometimes took longer than expected.

When using a workbook with a large number of marks, dragging a dimension to Label and then quickly removing it before labels display caused the view to become inactive.

When using Tableau Desktop with a data repository pointing to a UNC path, editing shapes would cause Tableau to appear unresponsive.

In some specific cases, workbooks with totals turned on would sometimes cause the application to unexpectedly exit.

An error message sometimes appeared when attempting to deactivate a license for Tableau Desktop and the license would not be deactivated.

In some cases, the application would exit immediately upon launching before a workbook was opened. This issue was caused by corrupt thumbnail images that are used to show the most recently used workbooks on the Start page. Tableau now handles these cases by removing the thumbnail images until the workbook is once again opened and saved.

An Incorrect data type error would sometimes occur in Tableau Server in workbooks that connected to SAP BW data sources.

Calculations that use the IIF function computed with a calculated string and a constant could result in missing data or a data engine error.

Addressed an issue in Tableau Desktop where editing A location to add longitude and latitude caused Desktop to become inoperable.

Printing a dashboard to a PDF that spans multiple pages sometimes resulted in PDFs that were missing some elements.

Clicking theShow Fewer Valuesoption in a quick filter or the Filter dialog box would sometimes return a null result and the application would appear to be unresponsive.

Fixed several issues in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server related to PDFs, including: unusually large file sizes, compared with earlier versions of Tableau; white areas within some PDFs; blank pages when size was set to Unspecified; issues with the color legend displaying in Tableau Server even though it had been disabled in Tableau Desktop; floating legends in dashboards; and fuzziness and illegibility in the PDF output.

WhenRepeat headers and legends on each pagewas not selected in Page Setup, pages after the initial worksheet were printed as blank pages.

Highlighting colors on a legend based on the Measure Names field, a set, or a binned measure would cause the view to not refresh properly when switching between values.

Exporting word clouds using Print, Print to PDF, or Copy Image were not rendering correctly when the base size of the text was larger than the default 20 x 60 pixels.

Creating a context filter would fail when connected to Google BigQuery.

In a view with a sorted dimension, changing selections in a quantitative quick filter would not consistently update the sort order. The sort order now correctly updates based on the filtered values.

Version 7.0 workbooks that included a set made from two combined fields caused errors after upgrading to version 8.0. The message, An error occurred while communicating with the data source. No such function: Sum would display after the upgrade.

Improved memory usage with both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

When exporting dashboards to PNG or EMF, text boxes were not always rendered correctly. Some UI elements were overwriting others.

Improved filter action behavior in Tableau Desktop.

Mark labels could be slow to render when there were a very large number of marks in the view.

Tableau Desktop no longer stops responding when it's running on a computer with OpenGL graphics acceleration and ATI graphics cards.

The 3rd party tool, RoboForm, could cause the application to unexpectedly exit.

When connected to a Tableau Server data source, using calculations that use the ATTR() function would cause the data engine error, Invalid field formula due to limitations in the data source.

Publishing workbooks with version 7.0 extracts could fail with the error, Tableau Data Engine Error 4: The system cannot find the path specified. This error occurred when the extracts contained very long column names, which created very long file names that were not being truncated to a length that is supported by a version 8.0 data engine. These file names are now truncated correctly.

The selection indicator would not stay aligned with the cursor as you move the cursor along a line in a view. This issue affected both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

When connected to DB2 databases, custom date bins on a secondary date dimension caused an error.

Axis rulers (lines that mark the x and y axes in a view) were not displaying.

Dashboards with text at the top and bottom of views were sometimes partially cut off and misaligned with the border of the view.

On a computer where Windows ClearType Text Tuner was used to adjust the quality of font rendering, Tableau would stop using ClearType to render text for labels and annotations. Grayscale rendering was used instead.

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