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Tableau Desktop 2018.1.1

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 2018.1.30, which contains additional fixes.

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Thu, May 17, 2018

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

The REMOVEINSTALLEDAPP installer property failed to remove previously installed versions of Tableau Desktop or Tableau Reader.


On some computers running Symantec software, Tableau Desktop would become unresponsive when performing normal authoring work.


When opening a Tableau Desktop workbook and viewing a worksheet, the Filters and Marks cards became excessively wide.


When connected to Sybase IQ, strings containing special characters were not rendered correctly.


Setting ATR duration, for virtual desktop support, to a value over 24 days would cause Tableau Desktop to become unlicensed after only 3 days.


If you connected to a data source, hid fields, and then extracted the connection, changing the data type of a field and then returning to the Data Source tab would cause all the hidden fields to reappear.


Connecting to an OData v4 data source could fail with an error: Bad OData Format. Make sure you are using a URL that points to a valid OData Source.


Saving an extract to a network folder, or opening a workbook containing an extract from a network folder, would regularly fail with a number of network related errors.


Adding an aggregated calculated field to the Filters shelf in a view with Aggregate Measures disabled would cause unexpected behavior.


On Mac systems with switchable graphics, Tableau Desktop would default to discrete graphics instead of switching from integrated to discrete when needed.


In some cases using a combined field, in combination with a table calculation, in a view with grand totals turned on would result in overlapping marks.


Type in date parameters with a specified step size would display the incorrect date for some input values.


No values would be returned when you connected to a Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure containing a nested stored procedure.


Editing custom SQL in a saved, packaged data source (.tdsx) containing a Firebird connection would fail with an error.


When connected to Amazon Redshift, data displayed as null if the field name exceeded 20 double byte characters.

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