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Tableau Desktop 10.5.2

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 10.5.28, which contains additional fixes.

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Thu, March 08, 2018

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Changes were applied to improve security. See ADV-2018-005 in Security Bulletins for more details.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

When creating or using extracts on an Amazon EC2 m5 (4xlarge) or c5 (large) instance, Tableau's Hyper process sometimes quit unexpectedly with an error.


An internal error could occur in some cases when you had subtotals displayed in a view and then hid or filtered out a dimension value involved in the calculation of the subtotal.


Connecting to some Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures using Tableau Desktop 10.3.6, 10.4.2, or 10.5 and higher would fail to return data.


Hyper processes could repeatedly go down in environments running on a CPU that did not support the SSE3 instruction set.


In Japanese language environments, filter selections could change when opening a pre-10.5 workbook in Tableau Desktop 10.5 or 10.5.1.


Changing the formatting of a continuous date field would cause vertical grid lines to disappear from the view.


When you connected to text files using a legacy connection and custom SQL, it was not possible to change the text file properties.


Dimension members containing the " < " character could cause viz in tooltips to fail to render, resulting in blank tooltips.


Data sources published to Tableau Online, containing a live connection to a stored procedure maintained using Tableau Bridge, would fail with a syntax error.


When performing a cross-database join involving a legacy Excel connection, an error would occur: collation mismatch, use COLLATE statements to resolve

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