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Tableau Online Upgrade

Tableau Online is upgrading to 2020.4 soon. For more information about the specific upgrade times, visit the Trust site.

Product release and download

Tableau Desktop 10.3.17

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 10.3.26, which contains additional fixes.

Download Tableau Desktop 10.3.26

Build number

10300.19.0123.2221, OSX - 10300.19.0125.1454

Download Tableau Desktop 10.3.17

Release date

Thu, January 31, 2019

Product support

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Tableau Desktop Upgrade Page

Changes were applied to improve security. See ADV-2019-001, ADV-2019-002 in Security Bulletins for more details.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

You were unable to bold text in Tableau Desktop on Mac OS Mojave.


Extracts created via the Anaplan connector were sometimes missing rows of data.

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