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Tableau Desktop 10.2.1

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 10.2.24, which contains additional fixes.

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Wed, April 05, 2017

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Tableau Desktop would take an unreasonable amount of time to launch on some Mac systems. A workaround was to remove .local from the machine host name.


Certain custom WMS maps would be rendered with large white gaps in map tiles.


In some cases, when continuous and discrete instances of the same field were being used, attempting to add a field from a secondary data source would cause Tableau Desktop to crash.


In some authoring scenarios, involving a very large number of marks, Tableau Desktop would become unresponsive. Most of these scenarios worked fine in prior version of Tableau Desktop.


Assigned color palettes would change when saving, closing, and re-opening certain workbooks.


When connected to a Hive data source, converting a string field to date would return null values.


Emoji characters were not properly displayed in Tableau Desktop for Mac.


When connected to Amazon Redshift, an initial SQL error would occur if your initial SQL contained an inner select statement that returned zero rows.


Editing aliases for discrete fields would sometimes result in an internal error.


In some cases, when you used a text file union data source, using a FIXED level of detail expression partitioned by the concatenation of the table name and another field would not return any data.


An internal error would sometimes occur when you tried to join an Excel data source with an SAP HANA table.


When connected to file-based data sources, data update time dynamic text showed the last time the data source was refreshed instead of when the file itself was updated.


Exporting all data from the View Data dialog did not respect current selections for the Show Aliases and Show all fields check boxes. Instead, the selections from the last time the dialog was closed would be used.


When editing map layers, the washout slider would not be displayed when using Tableau Desktop on a low resolution display or if the application window was resized to a smaller size.


Opening some workbooks would fail with an error: element 'tuple' is not allowed for content model '(value)'


The Include Zero checkbox had no effect when editing an axis for an area mark chart.


Joining tables containing fields with unsupported data types would result in an internal error.


The Tableau Online Sync Client would sometimes error or crash when signing in.


Mitigated an issue with creating extracts on the unsupported Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 (non-R2) operating systems. Beginning with Tableau 10.3, we will begin blocking installations on these operating systems.

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