Known Issues

Use this list to see if an issue affecting you is already known and decide when to upgrade. Fixed issues are removed after 45 days. All fixed issues can be found in Release Notes.

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Issue ID Product Description Status
795031, 712830 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When publishing a workbook connecting to multiple Google Sheets, the Google Sheets’ authentication screen repeats itself multiple times before the workbook publishes and appearing as if each Google Sheet needs to authenticate individually.

862078 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When you tried to edit an Snowflake data source that uses OAuth from Tableau Desktop or the Ask Data page, sign in failed and an "Incorrect username or password" error occurred.

919698 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

After the Tableau Online 2019.2 upgrade, when a user's locale is Chinese or Japanese, the [Modified]/[Created] column's date is missing "month" in Kanji "月".

864863 Tableau Online

While executing a query in Impala the error "The table .... does not exist" may occur when refreshing view or setting filters.

853138 Tableau Online

Published workbooks or data sources connected to MySQL 8 sometimes encountered issues, including extract refresh failure, failure to render the view, data rendering incorrectly and string fields appearing blank.

832825 Tableau Online

Extract refreshes sometimes failed with an "An unknown error related to remote content was detected" error.

830502, 838570 Tableau Online

When publishing or accessing a Tableau Online view that used the TableauServerUser variable, a "Cannot evaluate user filter" or "Unable to connect to the server" error occurred.

884015, 885630 Tableau Online

Worksheets containing boolean and fixed calculations from a Snowflake data source failed to render when published to Tableau Online.

894627 Tableau Online

Worksheets containing a Boolean filter from a Snowflake data source change after publishing and show incorrect data.

927551 Tableau Online

Blank data displays intermittently when accessing published workbook views using live MySQL connection.

886032 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When refreshing a Marketo extract, sometimes an "An unrecoverable error occurred" message occurs.

Fixed in 10.2.21, 10.3.21, 10.4.17, 10.5.16, 2018.2.10, 2018.2.10, 2018.3.7, 2018.3.7, 2019.1.4, 2019.1.4, 2018.1.13, 2019.2, 2019.2, 2018.1.3
815009, 925750 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

An "Uncaught Invariant Violation: Minified React error #40" error occurred intermittently while loading certain workbooks in Tableau Online.

Fixed in 2018.3.8, 2019.1
905273 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

SM: NLP table 'synonyms' not created during site import from Tableau 2018.X. Site import fails because webhooks schema is missing. Site import from versions earlier than Tableau 2019.1 fails with the following stack trace: "From any server which doesn't have synonyms, 2018.X (an earlier version number), importing into a server with code that expects synonyms, Tableau Server 2019.1, there is an error."

Fixed in 2019.1.4, 2019.2
896880 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When certain custom schedule names were present, upgrading Tableau Server to 2019.1 failed with "33% - Restoring database failed."

Fixed in 2019.1.4, 2019.2
857217 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

The View toolbar remained visible after removing the cursor from the view.

Fixed in 2018.3.4, 2019.2
818610 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When you downloaded a story that used parameters from Tableau Server as a PDF, the content of the PDF did not always match the published version of the story.

Fixed in 2019.2, 2019.2
873800 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Users without download permissions still had the Download > Tableau Workbook menu option accessible. Selecting this option triggered a "Save this workbook before downloading" message.

Fixed in 2019.2
792116 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When published to Tableau Server, clicking a filter replaces a Legend with a green bar with a Null value.

Fixed in 2019.2
821966 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When adding a tag to a dashboard, "An unexpected error occurred." error message appears due to duplicate QA tags in Postgres (based on lack of constraint requiring both siteID and ID in tags to be unique).

Fixed in 2019.2
827481 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Intermittent Server wide performance issues due to queries blocked on Sqlserver Datasource after upgrading Tableau Server from 10.2.13 to 10.5.7.

Fixed in 2018.3.5, 2019.2
862207 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Filters in published dashboards intermittently displayed an incorrect default selection.

Fixed in 2018.3.6, 2019.1.3, 2019.2
860083 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Background tasks failed if the thumbnail user associated with content no longer existed.

Fixed in 2019.2
857856 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Filter selections on published views reverted back to "all" when the ESC key was pressed.

Fixed in 2019.2
856965 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Custom font sizes for URL action links were not retained after publishing a workbook.

Fixed in 2019.2
830125 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

In some cases, it was not possible to change a parameter value in Tableau Mobile.

Fixed in 2019.2, 2019.2
869199 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Date formatting on vizportalclient incorrectly formatted for Chinese-Taiwan, Chinese-Singapore, Chinese-Hong Kong locales.

Fixed in 2019.2