Known Issues

Use this list to see if an issue affecting you is already known and decide when to upgrade. Fixed issues are removed after 45 days. All fixed issues can be found in Release Notes.

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Issue ID Product Description Status
832825 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Bridge

When attempting to refresh published data sources, an intermittent error “An unknown error related to remote content was detected (502)" occurs.

857217 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

The View toolbar remained visible after removing the cursor from the view.

795031, 712830 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When publishing a workbook connecting to multiple Google Sheets, the Google Sheets’ authentication screen repeats itself multiple times before the workbook publishes and appearing as if each Google Sheet needs to authenticate individually.

862078 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When you tried to edit an Snowflake data source that uses OAuth from Tableau Desktop or the Ask Data page, sign in failed and an "Incorrect username or password" error occurred.

767827 Tableau Online

Upon opening views on Tableau Online, users might intermittently encounter an Unknown Server Error stating “TableauException: Cannot find a total needed to compute a percentage. The database may have changed or a calculation cannot be completed. Try refreshing your connection or editing the calculation.”

815009 Tableau Online

An "Uncaught Invariant Violation: Minified React error #40" error occurred intermittently while loading certain workbooks in Tableau Online.

864863 Tableau Online

While executing a query in Impala the error "The table .... does not exist" may occur when refreshing view or setting filters.

853138 Tableau Online

Published workbooks or data sources connected to MySQL 8 sometimes encountered issues, including extract refresh failure, failure to render the view, data rendering incorrectly and string fields appearing blank.

873991 Tableau Online

After upgrade, existing data sources still do not have Ask Data enabled.

875450 Tableau Online

Tableau Online subscription email is displaying a wrong image in some email applications.

850275 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When interacting with filters, an intermittent "tuple id cannot be resolved" error occurred.

Fixed in 2018.2.6, 2018.3.3
850060 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Gridlines did not render in a dual axis view with a reference band.

Fixed in 2018.3.3
834805 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Upgrading from Tableau Server 2018.1 and earlier versions to 2018.2 and newer versions failed with an "InstallerException: Unable to login" error when the TSM admin password contained an exclamation point (!).

Fixed in 2018.2.4, 2018.3.1, 2019.1
825597 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Changing the default layout from list to thumbnail or vice versa did not save when using "Make This my Start Page".

Fixed in 2018.2.4, 2018.3.1, 2019.1
816977 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Custom fonts with a condensed font style were not correctly displayed when using server-side rendering in Tableau Server on Linux.

Fixed in 2019.1
752580 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When using web authoring, no horizontal scroll bar is displayed when there are too many fields on Rows.

Fixed in 2019.1
775876 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

It was not possible to save into a nested project using the Tableau Mobile App.

Fixed in 2019.1
801622 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Google Analytics extract refreshes sometimes failed with "Authentication failed"

Fixed in 2019.1
876160 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When initially loading a workbook that contains user filters built using user functions such as USERNAME() or ISMEMBEROF(), the view does not filter by these functions on initial load. 

Fixed in 2019.1.1