Support Alerts - Apr 12, 2017

Email Address Change Technical Support case replies now originate from To avoid any missed messages, ensure that your organization allows incoming mail from this address

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Understanding Technical Support

  • What is Tableau Technical Support?
  • Do I have access to Tableau Technical Support?
  • When and in which languages is Tableau Technical Support offered?
  • How can I upgrade my Tableau Support agreement?
  • I am a Partner/Consultant, how can I use my client’s Support contract?
  • How can I get specialized support from Tableau?
  • Can I cancel my Tableau Support contract?

Getting Help

Working with Support Cases

  • How do I submit a Support Request?
  • When opening a case, what does the impact level mean?
  • Where can I find out the status of my Support Request?
  • How do I get the fastest response possible from Tableau Support?
  • When will the Support team respond to my case?
  • What happens after I submit a case?
  • How can I get an update on my Support Request?
  • How many Support Requests can I submit?
  • Does Tableau offer SLAs?
  • How is the data I submit to Tableau Support secured?