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Check out the Tableau roles below and find which one(s) aligns to your goals and responsibilities. From there, you’ll see the session(s) you should attend to learn everything from how to assign licenses, deploying your Tableau site or server, navigating the Tableau Blueprint, and more.

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Central Administrator

As a Central Administrator, you are responsible for maintaining the Customer Portal and administering Tableau license keys by assigning them to end users.

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Executive Sponsor

As an Executive Sponsor, you are responsible for driving the decisions and strategies that enable your organization’s continued growth and success.

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Tableau Cloud Administrator

As a Tableau Cloud Administrator, you manage, monitor, and maintain sites on your Tableau Cloud site(s).

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Server Administrator

As a Server Admin, you ensure that your installation of Tableau Server runs smoothly.

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Project Manager

As a Project Manager, you ensure that projects involving Tableau are delivered on time and within budget.

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Data Steward

As a Data Steward, you ensure there are documented procedures and guidelines for data access and plan enterprise-wide data governance, control and compliance policies.

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Proficiency Leader

As a Proficiency Leader, you are responsible for users’ learning and development related to data and analytics, including creating education plans and programs that are aligned to organizational goals.

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Community Leader

As a Community Leader, you are responsible for coordinating efforts related to user enablement around communications, engagement, and support.

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