Healthcare data has the potential to reduce costs, enhance quality, and improve the patient experience. The challenge is how to get from information to insight to action. Tableau empowers everyone in a given healthcare organization to find the right path forward.

How does Tableau help individuals and organizations in healthcare?

Tableau's ability to democratize data securely across an organization means more people can see the data, as well as ask it questions. The simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to use- no writing code and no middle-man. Data visualizations are intuitive to read and understand. This results in more data discoveries, but also faster discoveries. In an industry where seconds count, Tableau reduces the time it takes to connect to your data, visualize, analyze, and ultimately find answers. But there's still more ways that Tableau delivers value to users in the healthcare industry.

  • It lets decision makers visualize across costs, needs, and outcomes at once to make the most of resources.
  • It helps hospitals identify the impact of evidence-based medicine, wellness programs, and patient engagement.
  • It enables private and government payers to understand cost drivers and trends to make viable long-term strategies.
It can even enable patients to choose the right care through interactive visualizations of treatment cost and quality.

Learn more about Tableau for healthcare on our solution page.
Learn more about Tableau for healthcare payers on our solution page.

Healthcare industry customer stories

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