Tableau Drive: A “paradigm shift” for enterprise analytics

Tableau Drive is a roadmap for scaling self-service analytics across an organization. The foundation of the Drive methodology is a strong partnership between business and IT—working together to instill a data-driven culture.

In this video, leaders share how Drive has helped them balance the importance of governance with the creativity of self-service.

  • Ginger Victor, Manager of BI and Analytics, VMware
  • Kevin Sonsky, Sr. Director, Business Intelligence, Citrix
  • Jim Van Sistine, Business Consultant, IT, Carlson Rezidor

Ginger comments that Drive has created a “paradigm shift” at VMware. “We want IT focused more on the bigger strategic part,” she said. “And we really want to give more freedom to the business to do the analytics they need to do.”

Jim adds, “It really let us pick and choose the good parts that IT is able to bring to project, some of the governance models and support, without doing some of the things that just create a bottleneck.”

When asked if he would suggest Tableau Drive to other companies, Kevin notes, “I recommend using Tableau Drive, particularly if you're reached an inflection point in your organization where you're looking for how to deploy enterprise-wide standards and still allowing the users to have that creativity and self-service model.”

Learn more about how to implement Drive in your organization.

The Tableau Drive process has helped us figure out how to strike the balance between allowing the creativity of self-service while also driving the governance when and where it makes sense.

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