CIO Magazine: Tableau Helps Sales Team Close the Deal

In this line of work, once you get an answer, it prompts more questions. The ability to zoom in on what you find is what makes these tools so much more powerful than outsourcing your questions to the analysts.

Photo courtesy Alex Proimos

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Summary: HealthHelp works with insurance companies to help their network physicians find the best tests and treatments for patients. When responding to RFPs, their sales team demonstrates how HealthHelp can improve outcomes by running analyses on a health insurer's data, a cumbersome process requiring weeks of back-and-forth between sales and business analysts. To cut out the middle man, HealthHelp rolled out Tableau, empowering the sales team to run their own analyses and include the results in RFP responses. HealthHelp's CIO says Tableau has improved the sales team's win rate and freed up time and resources for their analysts. HealthHelp has seen 85% revenue growth over the past two years.

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