UNC Health

UNC Health projects "new normal" for post-pandemic clinical operations

Built key COVID-19 data visualizations in just a few weeks, reaching 30K+ users

Delivered 154K+ patient telehealth sessions in less than three months

Identified long-term changes from accelerated pandemic-era learnings

UNC Health, has 11 hospitals and hundreds of clinics across North Carolina, which were heavily impacted during COVID-19. Just a few weeks into the pandemic, UNC Health analysts created Tableau dashboards that provided crucial updates to more than 30,000 internal users and supported decisions driven by data on testing, PPE inventory, available bed space, and supply chain vulnerabilities. It quickly became clear that the new way of leveraging data and technology would become commonplace long-term—COVID-19 had accelerated new forms of collaboration and reporting, along with more widespread adoption of telemedicine — and these changes would persist even after things returned to so-called “normal”. As Jeff Fuller, Executive Director of Analytical Solutions shared, "Following this pandemic, we have to feel comfortable taking 'COVID-19' off the label of our new learnings as a more data-driven culture. All the ways we've recently been forced to innovate have provided a valuable new perspective on our business, including how we can deliver better health outcomes overall."

Using an enterprise analytics platform like Tableau is essential for any health system that strives to stay ahead of new health crises going forward.