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Visual Spend Analytics - Take Your Spend Analysis to the Next Level

Many companies today are doing a good job of analyzing their spend data. They know what they are buying, who they are buying from, how much they are buying and at what price. From the spend analysis, companies are able to find opportunities to reduce costs, track contract compliance, measure supplier performance and much more.

Visual Spend Analytics can take your company’s spend analysis to the next level to find even more opportunities in supply management. This webcast will include an interactive demo of how Alvarez & Marsal are using data visualization and advanced visual analytics to accelerate performance improvement for their clients. Using purchasing data, you will see several different visual spend analytics including a company’s spend across a global map with multiple dimensions and measures.

Watch this webcast and interactive demo to learn how using visual analytics can help you:

  • Accelerate the spend analysis process
  • Analyze data using multiple dimensions and measures
  • Enhance communication through visualization
  • Quickly identify opportunities and compliance issues
  • Bring more spend under management
  • Easily utilize throughout all levels of your organization

Event duration: 1 hour

About the speakers

Paul Teague

Chief Editor - Purchasing Magazine

John Simon

Performance Improvement Manager - Alvarez & Marsal

Ken Tsai

Performance Improvement Manager - Alvarez & Marsal

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