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Visual Scoring - the 360° View

Lead scoring can be a fast and easy way to help you and your salespeople prioritize and value every lead.

Traditional scoring models give points to individuals as they take actions on your websites or display certain buying behaviors. Unfortunately lead scoring is fraught with problems. On one hand, you must have the data and expertise necessary to create a lead scoring model; on the other hand, you have to get your sales team to buy into the idea that a number can tell them the value of a lead. Often sales team resistance is the biggest problem – they can’t easily understand why one lead scores high and another low. Like most people, when they don’t understand something, they’re far less likely to use it.

Taking a visual lead scoring approach, versus the typical numeric scoring model, can elevate the shortfalls of traditional lead scoring and make this resource more accessible to both sales and marketing groups.

In this program we will visually walk you through the main elements that make visual lead scoring successful, including:

  • A complete view - active accounts and individuals are easily recognized by not only their marketing activity, but all types of activities, including support, trial and purchase activities
  • Actionable - much more than a static dashboard or a list of scored contacts
  • Customizable - the ability to customize visual scoring to their own needs and their own style of selling
  • Effective - the ability to easily highlight the most relevant people to your sales force for follow-up

Visual Scoring not only lets sales reps literally see why one lead is better than another but also lets them semi-customize the score to their personal selling style. Join this web seminar and learn how to employ visual scoring to easily enable both the sales and marketing groups to get a 360° view of every prospect or customer.

About the speakers

Wade Tibke

Sr. Director of Marketing Operations, Tableau Software
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