On-Demand Webinar

How Interactive Visual Analysis Can Speed Market Research

In this web seminar exclusively for market research professionals, you’ll learn about interactive visual analysis – the science of using graphics and charts as the means of analysis not just the end.

You can use visual analysis (also called data visualization) to get you, your team and your clients (internal as well as external) thinking more deeply with your research and thus making better decisions.

Starting with an overview of why the human brain responds more effectively to visual information and ending with recommendations for how to get started, we will demonstrate the importance of the “cycle of visual analysis” – the iterative process of asking questions, creating pictures, discovering new hypothesis, and foraging for data.

In this talk, you’ll learn:

  • What years of research by psychologists, statisticians and others have taught us about information design and why that matters to you
  • What the “cycle of visual analysis” is
  • How to effectively reason about data visually
  • How visual analysis can help you and your organization with better analytics, better thinking and better decisions

Watch this presentation and live demonstration of a customer case study.

About the speakers

Elissa Fink

Chief Marketing Officer - Tableau Software
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