On-Demand Webinar

Focus Your Marketing Spend in an Economic Downturn

Join Suresh Vittal of Forrester Research to Explore Ways to Focus Your Budget

Economic uncertainty and declining budgets are making for a rough ride -- especially for marketers. When belts tighten, management heads to marketing looking for budget cuts.

But during a downturn, marketers can drive new business opportunities by building a comprehensive view of the customer – from web analytics to sales transaction data – that gives marketers the knowledge to act quickly and deliver results.

In this web seminar, Suresh Vittal, Senior Research Analyst at Forrester Research, will show you how you can start focusing your budget and winning share.

You’ll learn:

  • How to more quickly identify the winners and losers in your marketing portfolio
  • How rapid-fire analytics can improve your retention programs
  • How to use web analytics data to deepen your understanding of customers and campaigns as well as identify relevant content for future campaigns
  • How to overcome the challenges of integrating web and customer analytics
  • How to turn analytic findings into smart budget decisions

From website statistics through sales transaction data, marketers will learn how to deepen their understanding of customers, identify opportunities more rapidly and invest their marketing budgets more effectively.

About the speaker

Suresh Vittal

Senior Research Analyst - Forrester Research