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Three Myths of Email Marketing Analytics That Are Hurting Your Results

Whether you know it or not, three commonly held myths about email marketing analytics are either hurting your results or hurting your ability to inform your organization about your results.

This program will help you assess the following questions in regards to your email marketing efforts:

  • Missing key insights and performance gains because of the “perfect report & dashboard” myth?
  • Not making the most of your results throughout the organization because of the “one story for all” myth?
  • Finding people aren’t paying attention to your analytics because of the “it seems obvious anyone can understand” myth?

Don’t get caught by these 3 myths of email marketing analytics. In this short webinar, you’ll learn how to identify these myths, how to avoid them and what you can do quickly and easily to get out of the trap.

About the speaker


Elissa Fink

Chief Marketing Officer - Tableau Software

Elissa Fink is Tableau Software’s Chief Marketing Officer. With 20+ years helping companies improve their marketing operations through applied data analysis, Elissa has held executive positions in marketing, business strategy, product management, and product development.

Prior to Tableau, Elissa was EVP Marketing at IXI Corporation, a firm specializing in marketing information. She has also served in executive positions at Tele Atlas, TopTier Software, and Claritas, Inc. Elissa also spent time selling advertising for the Wall Street Journal. Elissa holds a B.A. from Santa Clara University and an MBA in Marketing and Decision Systems from the University of Southern California.

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