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Bullet Graphs for Performance Monitoring

Stephen Few, author of Information Dashboard Design, Show Me the Numbers, and the recent Now You See It, shares how you can build effective information monitoring displays using bullet graphs – a simple but powerful graph invented by Few himself.

A bullet graph displays a single measure, such as actual profit, along with one or more comparative measures, such as budgeted profit, within the context of qualitative ranges such as good, satisfactory, and bad, in a way that can be perceived at a glance. Unlike most dashboard gauges and meters, which take up a lot of space and say very little, bullet graphs were specifically designed for rapid monitoring when screen space and time are limited and information must be understood immediately.

Learn when and how to use Tableau's version of bullet graphs, not only for monitoring dashboards, but for an entirely new and unintended purpose: for rapid data analysis.

About the speakers

Stephen Few

Principal - Perceptual Edge
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