Sales analytics with Tableau

Tableau allows anyone with sales data to quickly see, understand and share valuable insights.

Your sales team is flexible. Shouldn’t your analytics be?

Any sales leader knows that flexibility with time, resources and attention can be the difference between making quota and exceeding it. In our increasingly fast-paced world, it can often seem like the analytics and reporting systems many organizations rely on for sales and CRM analytics are too inflexible and slow.

Why does it take a week to connect to a dataset? A month to produce a report? Another week to make a modification to that report?

Tableau is a revolutionary new approach to business intelligence, and in particular sales analytics, that will allow you to quickly connect to, visualize, share, and report on your sales data. You can even connect directly to—negating the need for a separate database.

Sales analytics in practice

OptumHealth empowered its sales team

Larry Mullen, the Director of Reporting at OptumHealth, describes how he has used Tableau to enable his sales team to move beyond inflexible reports and answer the questions that help them to sell more effectively.

In particular, Larry references the efficiency Tableau has brought to the team by eliminating their repetitive and time consuming spreadsheet analytics.

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Tesco responded to sales trends, fast

Tesco employs a team of more than 530,000 people in 12 countries. The third-largest supermarket group in the world, they needed an efficient way to respond to trends, namely: the impromptu summer barbecue.

Learn from Adam Yeoman, a Senior Analyst in Supply Chain Development, how Tesco is using insight from Tableau to improve its sales.

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Whitepaper: sales dashboards

5 charts every sales leader should be looking at

Measuring and monitoring sales progress by simply looking at percent of quota achieved, whether for an individual or for an entire organization, is no longer enough to be successful as a sales leader.

Read this whitepaper to understand how visual analysis can make your sales team thrive.

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Sales data visualization

Executive Overview

View a live and interactive example of an executive overview dashboard created with Tableau. This is just one of many kinds of sales data you can analyze with Tableau. Since you can connect to any data, the variety of analysis you can do is unlimited.

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I love Tableau. It makes work fun. It makes my work day more enjoyable.

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Make the most of your sales data analysis

Tableau enables you to quickly and easily visualize any data, anywhere.

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