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Seven simple steps to get started

If you're looking to set up your Tableau Online site, you've come to the right place. This guide introduces you to your Tableau Online site, how to connect to your data, build views and dashboards, and how to share your insights with your team. We'll even point you in the right direction of additional resources to help you start strong.

Tableau Online Dashboard
Navigate your site

Take a Quick Tour. Learn how to navigate your new site and see how content is organized in Tableau Online.

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Connect to data
Connect to data on the web

Connect and analyze data in Tableau Online. Now that you know your way around Tableau Online, it's time to add data to your site.

You can connect to data directly from Tableau Online by uploading files, connecting to web-based data sources or using a Dashboard Starter. You can also publish data to your site using Tableau Desktop. Click the links below to learn how.

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Publish workbooks

Publish analytics to your site. Publishing content to Tableau Online allows you to share live data and interactive dashboards with team members while ensuring your data remains up-to-date and secure.

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Manage users and content

Add people to your site. After you publish a workbook to your site, it's time to share it with your team. But before people can view and interact with your work, you need to add them to your Tableau Online site.

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Collaborate by sharing, commenting and subscribing to views

With colleagues added to your site, it's time to collaborate. Share data and dashboards with your team to put data at the heart of every conversation. Comment on shared views to start a conversation. You can also set up subscriptions to receive automatic email updates for workbooks.

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Keep your data fresh

Learn how to manage your data. Whether connecting to live data or refreshing extracts, Tableau works with all your data and helps you easily keep it fresh in the cloud.

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Advanced site administration

Learn how to manage permissions. Now that you know the ins and outs of your site, it’s time to manage your users’ permissions and set up authentication options.

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