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Learning with Tableau at AIR Forum '17

Explore what Tableau has in store for you May 30 - June 2 in Washington, D.C. at the Association for Institutional Research Forum.

As higher education institutions evolve and transform, institutional research departments are needing to quickly analyze more data to help set priorities and inform strategic decisions across campuses. With Tableau, customers in institutional research are leading their institutions to better decisions and deeper insights faster than ever before.

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Customer Session: From Paper to Interactive Maps - Planning Admission Travel with Tableau

Featuring Kathleen Foley & Deb Shaver: Wednesday, May 31 at 11:15am - Salon 14

Smith College is a private, liberal arts college for women that makes major investments each year to send admission officers to high schools and college fairs across the US and internationally. In 2015, Smith’s Institutional Research office designed a Tableau-based travel planning tool for the Office of Admission. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how collaboration between the two offices and the adoption of Tableau transformed the planning process of this investment from an anecdotal and impression-based one to an empirical one leveraging historical admission data. We’ll show you real-life scenarios faced by Smith’s Office of Admission, how these scenarios were addressed, and how using Tableau to examine past trends helped inform strategic decisions. The session focuses specifically on increasing student body diversity, determining the highest yield markets, identifying regions with highest qualified students, maximizing recruitment for full pay students, and planning recruitment travel in a new market.

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PARTNER SESSION: Wednesday, May 31, 11:15 a.m. - Salon C
Visualizing & Analyzing Student Tracker Data to Understand Student Movement
Featuring Julie Alig, Director of Institutional Research, UMass Lowell & Doug Nutter, Principal Data Analyst, HelioCampus

Through a pilot data analytics project, the University of Massachusetts Lowell partnered with HelioCampus to develop a robust StudentTracker data warehouse that included internal student data and external (IPEDS) data. Visualizing the data using Tableau allowed new insights from both institutional (competitor schools and characteristics of their students) and student perspectives (what is the fate of students who attend elsewhere). This session will review the process, visualizations built, and insights gain

CUSTOMER SESSION: Wednesday, May 31, 1:30 p.m. - Poster 27
Predictive Analytics for Student Enrollment
Featuring Stephen Childs

At the University of Calgary, real-time data on student applications are used to provide the Enrollment Services with better predictive analytics on students that were offered a place at the University. IR offices are well placed to leverage institutional data to make these predictions. Our knowledge of the data and analytical tools can make us leaders in predictive analytics at our institutions. This poster presentation will discuss the issues about developing the models, finding the best model, and putting it to use. These lessons are applicable to applying these techniques to many situations.

CUSTOMER SESSION: Wednesday, May 31, 9:30 a.m. - Monument
Empowering Student Affairs Professionals to Make Data-Driven Decisions Using Tableau
Featuring Mary Fugate, Xavier University and LeeAnn Perkins, Xavier University

At Xavier University, the Office of IR worked on a project with the campus recreation center to analyze student swipe data and link it to persistence as well as other demographic information. This presentation will include techniques for collaborating with campus personnel not accustomed to data and reporting. In addition, Tableau best practices on how to present information that is user-friendly and informative will be shared.

CUSTOMER SESSION: Thursday, June 1, 9:45 a.m. - Congress
Creating Dashboards and Interactive Reports Through Campus Collaboration
Featuring Beverly King, East Carolina University, Ying Zhou and Kari Koss

Institutional Planning, Assessment, & Research (IPAR) staff at East Carolina have had to address issues such as data and aesthetic consistency, data privacy and confidentiality, and audience knowledge and need, while also dealing with the complexity of providing answers to questions that haven’t yet been asked. Rather than focus on the technical aspects of dashboard and report creation, the presenters in this session will share information on the processes of collaboration and teamwork that resulted in electronic documents that are not only attractive but also frequently used and exceptionally insightful.

CUSTOMER SESSION:Thursday, June 1, 9:45 a.m. - Monument
Deploying Business Analytics at Purdue University
Featuring Zach Yater, Purdue University and Benjamin Wiles, Purdue University

Learn how Purdue has been able to create and deploy impactful business analytics in a distributed environment. The focus will be on human resources, finance, and physical facilities. Regular collaboration helped build a solid foundation in infrastructure and domain knowledge while providing a launching point to allow dissemination of meaningful dashboards and analyses that improve baseline of knowledge of the campus at-large, improve operational efficiencies, and provide necessary information to decision-makers. Presenters will discuss their progress and roadmap for the future, and showcase some of the analytics which have been put in place, including Tableau dashboards.

CUSTOMER SESSION: Thursday, June 1, 10:45 a.m. - Chinatown
Where Should We Go: Predictive Modeling for Admissions Recruiting
Featuring Heather McKim

This presentation will discuss how the IR office at Colorado Mesa University has supported enrollment management decisions, with a particular focus on which geographic regions to target for recruiting. The session may be of interest to institutional researchers or admissions officers who have a role in determining how their institutions’ recruiting efforts and budget are directed and to anyone interested in learning more about specific statistical methods (regression and hierarchical linear modeling) or software (Tableau maps).

CUSTOMER SESSION: Thursday, June 1, 3:00 p.m. - George Washington
Building Storyboards for Enrollment Management
Featuring Yun Xiang, University of New Hampshire

Data visualization, specifically interactive data dashboards, has gained popularity in higher education, with the increasing need for data-driven strategic planning and decision making. A well-designed dashboard organizes and presents information in a way that the non-technical audience can easily grasp. A storyboard is a step up from data dashboards. In essence, it is a set of data dashboards organized around one central theme or “story." Presenters will show the storyboard they built for enrollment management to provide the audience with a specific idea of how they started the work and how they use interactive dashboards to tell one “story." The audience should be able to start their discussion and work on creating similar storyboards after walking out of the session.

CUSTOMER SESSION: Thursday, June 1, 3:00 p.m. - Salon 13
Understanding Non-traditional Students Using National Student Clearinghouse
Featuring Elizabeth Wallace, American Public University System

This session will provide specific examples of how the National Student Clearinghouse may be used to obtain a better understanding of how students enroll in college in pursuit of a degree. This topic should be of particular interest to IR professionals from schools that serve non-traditional students. The session will cover the types of questions that can be answered using NSC data, as well as how to submit a file and analyze the results in conjunction with other institutional data.

CUSTOMER SESSION: Thursday, June 1, 3:00 p.m. - Congress
Oh, the Places You Can Go! Examining Student Post-Graduation Outcomes
Featuring Ying (Jessie) Liu, Yanmin Zhang and Cynthia Cogswell

The purpose of this session is to show the audience how one office processes and presents students’ further education and employment outcomes data obtained from an internal graduation survey and the National Student Clearinghouse. Session participants will learn how to process and analyze longitudinal survey and StudentTracker data, as well as how to visualize the subsequent information using Tableau.

CUSTOMER SESSION: Friday, June 2, 9:00 a.m. - Tulip
Developing and Deploying a STEM Dashboard
Featuring Mary Moore, The University of Georgia and Tracie Sapp

The need for timely reporting of student metrics in STEM disciplines and the multitude of STEM program classification methods available may cause confusion and pose challenges to the accurate reporting of STEM disciplines. Previous work developing a systematic framework to easily identify STEM programs defined by three nationally recognized STEM classification systems (NCES, ICE, LSAMP), was extended to include a fourth definition developed by the University System of Georgia to compare STEM metrics between institutions within the system.

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