Analytics for health & human services

Inform policy, increase transparency, and improve society with data.

Providing outstanding care to the most vulnerable and at risk populations in a cost effective manner is the goal for most health and human services (HHS) agencies. The availability of data is increasing exponentially but the ability to analyze and apply lessons from the data to improve service is still a challenge.

HHS agencies working to increase transparency, streamline operations, and empower employees with access to insight to improve healthcare and social programs are turning to Tableau. Explore how Tableau allows Federal, State and local HHS agencies to quickly and easily connect to all their data and visualize it by dragging and dropping-no scripting required.
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How to effectively analyze critical HHS data

An issue brief and interactive report on the state of analytics in HHS

As most HHS leaders already know, more data doesn’t necessarily mean better decisions. Many agencies are already awash in data and reports, but are challenged by the limitations of current presentation tools such as spreadsheets. And oftentimes, data isn’t even accessible to the employees who are most involved with the actual service delivery programs. This paper discusses how more modern data visualization tools can help HHS agencies see the bigger picture, uncover insights and achieve “aha” moments to better serve their constituents.

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Data analytics: giving HHS agencies the tools to improve service and accountability

The e.Republic team will describe their experience with and recommendations for upgraded systems that when implemented will:

  • Learn the benefits of data visualization to align healthcare and human services data
  • Enable agency staff and decision makers to see and understand the data and take action
  • Improve care and agency accountability and transparency to its citizens.
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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Learn how the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is developing a data-driven child welfare workforce through visual analytics. Research Analyst, Kurt Heisler, will share how with funding and support from the HHS Idea Lab they developed and deployed Tableau Dashboards to improve visibility and decision making involving child welfare.

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Visualizing data to improve society

Idea to retire: viewing data as an output

A small shift in the approach to data collection and visualization in HHS could lead to big improvements in the effectiveness of social service delivery. Taking a grassroots approach to data system design, places analytical power back into the hands of the people who can most effectively use it for change. Learn how organizations can update data collection techniques and use data science to solve longstanding social problems.

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We sit on a mountain of data and we need to dig deep into it to make sure we meet our mission and make the best use of taxpayer dollars.

Visualizing Florida's Hospitals

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

“We sit on a mountain of data and we need to dig deep into it to make sure we meet our mission and make the best use of taxpayer dollars” - Brian Cook, Business Intelligence Analyst at the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.

Learn how the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration uses Tableau to improve healthcare, inform policy, and provide transparency.

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Tableau for health and human services

Keep efficiency moving in the right direction

Governments provide a wide variety of citizen programs and services that drive massive amounts of cumbersome and complex data. But unlocking the full potential of intelligence hidden in that data doesn’t have to be so hard.

Tableau enables you to quickly and easily visualize any data, anywhere. Watch the video on the right to see how easy it is to drag and drop your data into beautiful visualizations with Tableau.

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