Brightedge Web Data Connector

Bring SEO data into Tableau.

Steps to Connect

  1. In Tableau (10+), connect to Web Data Connector
  2. Input BrightEdge connector url
  3. Add authentication
  4. Connect and enter worksheet

Tips & Tricks

Date Format

Since the time field comes in as yyyyww, you may want to convert this unit to a more standard date format. Create this calculated field to convert your week number string into a dd/mm/yyyy format:

DATEADD('week',INT(MID(STR([time]), 5,2))-1,DATE("01/01/"+(MID(STR([time]), 1,4))))

Grouping by calculated fields

New keyword groups can be created using calculated fields. IF CONTAINS() and REGEXP_MATCH are useful here.

This connector pulls the following dimensions:

  • keyword
  • blended_rank
  • page_url
  • search_engine
  • time
  • avg_volume

Multiple Datasets

To connect to multiple data sets, simply add a Left Join between sheets. This connector uses the keyword and keyword_volume_trending datasets.

Modify your connector

Want more fields or data sets? The code, along with BrightEdge API documentation for this connector, are available on Github. Modify it to suit your needs.

If you have any questions on this connector, reach out to Blake Levy.

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