Understanding Table Calculations: Theory and Practice

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Length: 46:58

Core Session - Tableau Jedi - Understanding Table Calculations: Theory and Practice - Ross Bunker, Tableau Software

This is your chance to dive deeply into Tableau’s Table Calculation functions. We’ll walk through a number of examples and talk in detail about how table calculations are computed and how different options are used to control table calculation behavior. We’ll also look at usage patterns that help understand table calculations and make it easier to build up complex, layered Table Calculations. Topics to be covered include: What does it mean to sort in the “Advanced...” dialog and when should I use “Automatic” sorting? How is “At the level...” different from partitioning? How is partitioning computed for the TOTAL function vs. other functions? We’ll also leave some time for Q&A (“Why can’t I get this to do what I want!!!!”). This talk is targeted at advanced users of Table Calculations.