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Tableau has long been a leader in integrating with the Microsoft technology that powers business around the world. As Microsoft pursues its cloud-first strategy, Tableau is there, allowing you to put the full weight of the Azure platform behind your analytics.

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Tableau connects to key Azure services such as Spark on Azure HDInsight, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Azure SQL Database. Live connectivity provides real-time access to data directly in the cloud. Tableau provides a fast, interactive, easy-to-use analytics platform for the Microsoft Azure data services that anyone can use. Watch this video to see how Tableau and Azure SQL Datawarehouse work together. Watch now

What I’ve found as far as enablement is concerned, is that the best way to teach someone Tableau is to put Desktop in their hands. You give them some minimal instruction, and it is amazing what users do.

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Tableau and Microsoft Azure provide a comprehensive business intelligence solution that can be implemented quickly, secured easily, and used by everyone. Tableau enables you to analyze and share the data you have in Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, Azure Data Warehouse and Azure HDInsight. This whitepaper outlines how you can configure Tableau Server for hosting on Azure to help your organization see, understand, and share data so you can fully realize your investments in Azure and the Microsoft Data Platform.

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