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O Tableau Online será atualizado para a versão 2020.4 em breve. Para mais informações sobre os horários de atualização específicos, visite o site Tableau Trust.

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Tableau Server 9.0.2

Recomendamos o uso da versão de manutenção mais recente desta versão, 9.0.25, que contém correções adicionais.

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Baixar Tableau Server 9.0.2

Data de lançamento

ter, 02 Junho, 2015

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Resolved Issues

ID do problema Descrição

Views that normally displayed quickly would sometimes take much longer to load. This could result in Tableau Desktop to close unexpectedly or to stop responding.


Backgrounder processes would occasionally hang without restarting which resulted in scheduled jobs not getting processed.


Clicking the "Manage my subscription settings" link in email notifications would result in an error: "That page could not be accessed. Either the user does not exist or you do not have the necessary permissions."


When you disabled View Comments and Add Comments permissions, this did not prevent a user from viewing and commenting on an item.


When using restricted trusted tickets, if a user modified a URL to try to download a workbook, an error appeared: "Sorry, the workbook you were looking for does not exist, or you do not have permission to see that workbook". The user is now redirected to the signin page as expected.


Users with a / symbol in their user name could not create or save custom administrator views. When saving the view, a "Resource not found" error appeared.


Published views that had both titles and column dividers could have scroll bars even when the entire view was visible.


When a licensed Interactor user belonged to a site in Tableau Server, and you attempted to add the user as an Interactor on an additional site, an error would appear stating insufficient licenses were available.


On a Tableau Server configured for Local Authentication and SAML, if your Tableau Server user name was formatted like an email address (for example,, the login failed.


Version 9: When doing a new install of Tableau Server, if you did not install any content (you did not choose to include the Sample content), the Status page would show File Store as busy, with a "Synchronizing" message until some content that includes an extract was published and synchronized. After an extract is published, synchronization could take up to 30 minutes.


In environments with high disk I/O or memory limitations, Tableau Server sometimes generated unexpected numbers of Coordination Service log files. This reduced repository availability and resulted in sign in failures.

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