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Tableau Server 8.2.11

Recomendamos o uso da versão de manutenção mais recente desta versão, 8.2.22, que contém correções adicionais.

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ter, 02 Junho, 2015

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Problemas resolvidos

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Backgrounder processes would occasionally hang without restarting which resulted in scheduled jobs not getting processed.


When using restricted trusted tickets, if a user modified a URL to try to download a workbook, an error appeared: "Sorry, the workbook you were looking for does not exist, or you do not have permission to see that workbook". The user is now redirected to the signin page as expected.


Users with a / symbol in their user name could not create or save custom administrator views. When saving the view, a "Resource not found" error appeared.


You could not change the owner of a workbook if the workbook included external files.

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