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Quarta-feira, 10 Janeiro, 2018

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What's New

Tableau Server on Linux

Starting with 10.5, Tableau Server is available on Linux. For more information, see Tableau Server on Linux: Start Here.

Optimized server performance for data alerts

To improve overall performance, Tableau Server now rechecks failing data alerts only when it next checks data conditions for all alerts. You can revert to the previous setting, which checked failing alerts every 5 minutes, by changing the tabadmin set option, dataAlerts.retryFailedAlertsAfterCheckInterval, to false.

Nested projects

You can now create project hierarchies when you want to create content segments within a larger area. For example, create a project for each department, say Operations. In each of those top-level projects, separate content based on how the audience uses it, say connecting to certified data versus in-progress collaboration. For information about permissions in project hierarchies, see Use Projects to Manage Content Access.

Because projects can be nested, the default view resulting from clicking on a project has changed. When you click the Projects menu, rather than immediately seeing the workbooks in that project, you will see the Projects page. The Projects page will show nested projects when they exist. To see the workbooks contained in the current project, you will now need to click the Workbooks menu.

Tableau Data Engine with Hyper

Hyper is Tableau's new in-memory Data Engine technology optimized to bring faster extract and query performance, and increased scalability. You can now analyze large data sets faster and faster extract creation. For more information, see The New Data Engine in Tableau Server.

Extracts use the new .hyper format

Beginning with version 10.5, new extracts use the new .hyper format. Extracts in the new format take advantage of the improved data engine, which supports the same analytical and query performance as the data engine before it, but for even larger extracts. Similarly, when an extract task is performed on a .tde extract using version 10.5, the extract is upgraded to a .hyper extract. For more information, see Extract Upgrade to .hyper Format.

Web authoring

New features and enhancements related to web authoring and interacting with views on the web are listed in What's New in Tableau for Users and Web Authoring and Tableau Desktop Feature Comparison. For topics related to web authoring and interacting with views, see Using Tableau on the Web.