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O Tableau Online será atualizado para a versão 2020.4 em breve. Para mais informações sobre os horários de atualização específicos, visite o site Tableau Trust.

Lançamento e download do produto

Tableau Server 10.4.1

Recomendamos o uso da versão de manutenção mais recente desta versão, 10.4.26, que contém correções adicionais.

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Número da compilação


Baixar Tableau Server 10.4.1

Data de lançamento

qui, 09 Novembro, 2017

Suporte de produto

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Alterações foram aplicadas para aumentar a segurança. Para ver mais detalhes, consulte ADV-2017-17 e ADV-2017-022 nos Boletins de segurança.

Resolved Issues

ID do problema Descrição

In Japanese Windows environments, using tabcmd or the REST API to publish an extract containing Japanese characters in the file name would fail with an error.


Publishing an OAuth data source using the REST API would not correctly embed OAuth credentials.


An internal error would occur when you used a page control in a story that controlled multiple sheets in a dashboard that was added to the story.


When loading some workbooks connected to a published data source, an error would occur: Tableau Data Engine Error 49009: cannot mix aggregate and scalar expressions.


On a server with no available licenses left, if you assigned a licensed site role to a user who has a licensed site role in another site, the action would appear to succeed but the user would actually be unlicensed in the secondary site.


A site-specific SAML user could be promoted to a Server Administrator role leaving them unable to log in until accessing a non-SAML site. It is now no longer possible to directly promote a site-specific SAML user to Server Administrator.


Activating Tableau Server via command line using the tabinstallck.exe -activate command would cause tabinstallck.exe to crash.


In workbooks where actions are used to navigate between sheets, story points based on multiple data sources would sometimes fail to load.


Using level of detail calculations could, in some cases, generate slow-running SQL queries when connected to Teradata.


In some workbooks connected to published data sources, certain calculated fields could sometimes fail to evaluate, resulting in blank views.


When a file necessary to configure Tableau Server for SSL was missing, the error message misleadingly stated that the file failed validation. The error message has been updated to correctly state that the file cannot be found.


In the Sites page in Tableau Server, you could not sort the list of sites by the Guest Access column.


When you published a dashboard containing multiple sheets to Tableau Server, there were sometimes minor changes in sheet dimensions and alignment.


Refreshing a published view connected live to Google Sheets could sometimes take hours before the view was updated with new data.


It was not possible to add an admin user from a secondary domain using the tabcmd initialuser command.


Removed pgAdmin 3 from Tableau Server.


When using trusted authentication, selecting a URL action that opens a second view would unexpectedly prompt for authentication on the second view.


In some cases, workbook load time would gradually increase with server up time. Restarting Tableau Server would restore the original load time.


Extract refresh tasks triggered by tabcmd or the REST API would automatically run with a priority of 50, regardless of the task's set priority or the backgrounder.default_run_now_priority setting.


In some cases, an internal error would occur when you tried to download a view as a crosstab.


In views with multiple color legends, tooltip descriptions were sometimes incorrect when you hovered over a color in a legend.


When you previewed a previous revision version of a workbook that contains a live connection to your data source, an unknown server error would occur instead of a prompt for database credentials.

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