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Recomendamos o uso da versão de manutenção mais recente desta versão, 8.0.22, que contém correções adicionais.

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ter, 18 Fevereiro, 2014

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Problemas resolvidos

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Connecting to a Sybase ASE database that uses non-UTF8 characters and has character set conversion disabled would fail. The character set attribute can now be specified using a TDC file to allow these connections.


For connections to Oracle databases, queries using the GLOBAL_CONTEXT_MEMORY variable would return an ORA-03113 error.


When creating calculated fields that used the DAY(), MONTH(), or YEAR() functions while connected to Essbase database, Tableau Desktop would generate an internal error and sometimes stop responding.


Tableau Desktop would not connect to more than one table when connecting to Amazon Redshift databases. A "table does not exist" error occurred, even though the table existed, and the user had permission to access the table.


Workbooks with calculated fields that used two data sources would sometimes stop functioning.


Added and corrected Canadian postal code Forward Sortation Areas (FSA) in the built-in geocoding.


When connected to Essbase databases, some quick filter queries were taking longer than expected because Tableau Desktop was unnecessarily creating sets in the query.


Added many city equivalents to the Tokyo area in the built-in geocoding. These include large towns, large villages, special wards, etc.


Corrected the built-in geocoding and mapping data to accommodate border changes and mergers in Russia, Surinam, and Libya.


In built-in geocoding, California zip code 92350, Loma Linda, was mapped to Mojave National Preserve, instead of to its actual location 177 miles away.


Made several corrections to the built-in geocoding and map data. These corrections include separating the Muchinga province from the Northern province in Zambia, correcting the Thai provinces of Nakhon Pathom and Nakhon Phanom locations, which were incorrectly associated with each other's true locations, removing duplicate point geography for 10 Turkish cities, and separating the North Kalimantan province of Indonesia from the East Kalimantan province.


Data on cities in Puerto Rico with population greater than 15,000 was not available in the Tableau built-in geocoding.

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