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Notas de versão do Tableau 9.0.4

Data de lançamento:
21 Jul, 2015
Número do Build do Tableau Desktop:
Número do Build do Tableau Server:

New Capabilities

This release adds connectivity to Microsoft Azure SQL Database using the Microsoft SQL Server connector.

This release adds a new connector that gives you the ability to connect to Amazon Aurora.

Tableau Desktop (Back to top)
Issue ID

Sometimes removing a value from a quick filter on a field with many rows took a long time to run, because Tableau made an unnecessary full domain query.


Giving a new group the same name as an existing field caused the "Create Group" dialog box to close.


When connected to a Microsoft Access data source, Tableau sometimes used out-of-date data from cache after the database file was updated or overwritten.


When a story point was sorted on a column that was not used in other sheets, the workbook was corrupted.


Sometimes when you worked on a on Mac with multiple monitors, Tableau closed unexpectedly when you changed the screen configuration or opened or closed your laptop.


In a view, you couldn't change minor tick marks without also changing major tick marks.


The "Reset all filters" button did not function on quick filters that were shared or global.


Sometimes when you attempted to resize the headers in a dual axis chart, the Resize command did not take effect unless you turned off dual axes.


HTTP authentication was not available on Hive and Impala data sources.


Tableau Desktop did not import SAP BW connection entries from the saplogon.ini file when there were blank or misnumbered description entries.


Sometimes when you tried to load Tableau default maps, you received the following error message: "Permission denied error. Your firewall or proxy server is likely preventing Tableau from accessing 'maps.tableausoftware.com.'"


Sometimes when you blended data from a cube and another data source, an error occurred when you selected the View Data or Export Data commands.


Sometimes when you performed data extract refreshes from Microsoft Access, you received an "Error generating sort key" message.


On a Vectorwise connection, sometimes when you cleared a single value from a multiple-value quick filter, other values were removed as well.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
Issue ID

The list of Tableau Server data sources on the Data Sources page did not include a "Live / Last Extract" column.


Custom views only saved changes to the selected sheet, and did not preserve other changes in the workbook.


A user could have sent a specially crafted request to Tableau Server that allowed the user to impersonate a different user. KB link: Security Advisory: Users Can Be Impersonated


Exceptions sometimes occurred in vizportal after you removed groups.


On Firefox, Internet Explorer 10, and earlier browsers, images sometimes failed to render.


Sometimes CPU utilization of the Postgres repository spiked after scheduled refreshes were completed.


Initial SQL statements were not executed even though "Ignore initial SQL statements for all data sources" was not enabled in Tableau Server.


Certain views performed more slowly than expected in 9.0 versions of Tableau Server.


Tableau Desktop sometimes displayed an "Unknown Error related to remote content (500)" message when you viewed published data sources on a multi-site Tableau Server installation.


You could not add users whose user names included "at" (@) symbols to more than one site.


Sometimes unlicensed users with permissions to publish couldn't sign in to Tableau Server from Tableau Desktop.


Sometimes, hovering over a dual axis chart showed tooltips for the background layer instead of the foreground layer.


Sometimes after you made web edits, and then closed and reopened the page, you could not use the Revert option.


Sometimes, after upgrading, Tableau couldn't perform SOLR indexing, so content was missing from search results.


Sometimes when you blended data from a cube and another data source, an error occurred when you selected the View Data or Export Data commands.


Sometimes Site Administrators could not access the Site User settings tab.


Sometimes when you republished a workbook, single-sheet permissions were incorrectly reset to default settings.


Sometimes when you used the Tableau Server REST API to update a site, all site users where changed to unlicensed.


Sometimes Tableau Server exited unexpectedly after you performed certain filter actions.


Tableau Server License Manager sometimes did not correctly put quotation marks around parameters that included whitespace characters, such as spaces.

Tableau Online (Back to top)
Issue ID

Workbooks based on extracts that were published on Tableau Online displayed an error when published.

Tableau Mobile (Back to top)
Issue ID

You could not sign in using SAML authentication for Tableau Server with the Okta or Horizon identity providers.

This version is available from the Customer Account Center.

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