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13 Maio, 2014
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Addressed a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the locally-installed Help system.

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Issue ID

Publishing a workbook to Tableau Server using the "Prompt user" authentication type, and with the correct drivers installed, sometimes displayed a driver error instead of the prompt for credentials.


In workbooks that connect to relational MDX-based data sources, collapsing the header on the Rows shelf caused the corresponding column in the crosstab worksheet to go blank.


Placing a calculated field () on the Detail shelf that returned either a Date parameter or TODAY() would cause an error when the field was set to Exact Date: "Restricted data type attribute violation".

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Issue ID

Resuming automatic updates after changing a context filter sometimes caused Tableau Server to stop responding (infinite spinner). The issue affected Oracle connections where the database was not configured to allow the creation of temp tables.


Clicking the "Who has seen this view" link at the bottom of published views sometimes showed viewing statistics for the entire site, not just for the published view.


For a filter action that targets a hidden sheet, Tableau Server sometimes displayed the hidden sheet rather than the dashboard that includes the sheet.


Interacting with some views would sometimes result in a "Tableau Data Engine Error 4: no such schema (TableauTemp)" error. This error was caused by a heavy load on the query cache and the cache had to be rebuilt.


Setting a user’s View Summary Data permission for Allow and View Underlying Data to Deny resulted in the user not being able to see either Summary or Underlying data.

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