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Visualize to Monetize: How using data analytics externally can open new opportunities

The post-covid business landscape will see the ‘survival of the data fittest’ with those that win adopting both a data transformation and harnessing the monetisation of that data...

Strategies for Driving Adoption and Usage with BI and Analytics

Although adoption rates of BI/analytics tools are stuck in the 20% range, usage rates are increasing due to self-service tools, embedded analytics, and support for external users. In addition,...

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Data Trends 2022 Report

In an increasingly complex world, organizations everywhere are making some of their biggest bets on data and technology. Innovation is having a profound impact on the way work now gets done, shifting...

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IDC: Bridging the Data Divide: Bringing Data Science to Business Workflows

In recent research conducted by global market intelligence firm, IDC, 75% of company executives said that their data and analytics strategy is critical to their business resilience going forward....

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Discover the Power of Visual Analytics in the Cloud Easily Connect, Deploy, Collaborate, and Scale

Download this free e-book Is your organization prepared to compete with companies who are able to make fast business decisions thanks to a cloud-based analytics platform? In this eBook, learn...

  • Business Intelligence

IDC Analyst Brief - Bringing Data Science to Business Users

Tableau, Snowflake and Deloitte help our customers transform their businesses by making it easier to modernize and unify data in the cloud, combine it into a single source of truth and derive, fast,...


“We are a data-driven company,” is a familiar refrain we hear from business leaders and managers. This is evidence of a fundamental shift in mindset, reflecting the fact that leaders have now...

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Manufacturers: Moving From Complexity to Clarity

Manufacturers are under a lot of pressure. They’re trying to deliver revenue growth for their organization. They’re trying to identify and mitigate risk in complex supply chains, while also achieving...

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Communications Service Providers are changing their approach to customer engagement

The global communications industry is one of the fastest changing sectors in the world. Rapid change has intensified as new technology and new developments emerge. The industry is facing heightened...

The Power of Data in High Tech to Drive Smarter Decisions

With digital transformation accelerating exponentially across every sector, companies in today’s competitive business landscape are increasingly looking for more intelligent ways to run their...