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Saved by the Bell: 12 tips to take advantage of social media in 2012

Throughout 2011, social media continued to be a hot topic. Google entered the race with Google+, Facebook continues to evolve with new targeting opportunities and early this year Twitter introduced...

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Tableau Customers are Driving for Self-Service Business Intelligence

Business owners want – and need – to answer questions about their business quickly, accurately and easily. Aberdeen’s March 2011 report,...

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TDWI's Intro to Big Data Analysis

Big data analytics is where advanced analytic techniques operate on big data sets—one of the most profound trends in business intelligence today. Using advanced analytics, businesses can study big...

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4 Steps For Improving Healthcare Productivity Using Dashboards and Data Visualization

When budgets are tight, healthcare organization need to use their resources wisely and make efficient decisions—without compromising quality of patient care. Using visual data analysis hospitals are...

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2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI Platforms

The highly regarded Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms report is based on Gartner’s detailed customer surveys, interviews and analysis. Tableau and other industry observers...

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Maps: The Power of "Where"

"Where" has become an important question you ask about your organization's decisions. Maps provide context that leads to better ways to prioritize, plan and execute your objectives. They also make...

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5 Ways To Become A Marketing Segmentation Sniper

Gone are the days of acting on gut instinct alone. Data-driven marketing has emerged, and the more data you have, the better. Maximize the value you get from segmentation, by exploring your data to...

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Self-Service Business Intelligence: Empowering Users to Generate Insights

In today's economic environment, organizations must use business intelligence (BI) to make smarter, faster decisions. Yet, in too many organizations, decisions are still not based on business...

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Analytics At The Speed Of Thought

Visual analysis for data discovery is a must in today’s BI space. Since the human brain processes information visually, Tableau created a product that aligns with human thought. Tableau's in-...

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5 Tips for Deploying Insightful Reports in the Federal Government

Government budgets are strained, meticulously scrutinized, and expected to be transparent. Meanwhile, pressure is accelerating to make fact-based decisions that consider the vast amount of data that...