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Deploying Tableau Server in U.S. Federal Government Applications: FISMA | NIST SP 800-53 | DISA STIG

Deployments of Tableau Server in the U.S. federal government require compliance with various cybersecurity law, directives, and frameworks. Ensuring that the system is deployed and configured in...

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TDWI Checklist Report: The Modern Data Warehouse and Analytics Stack

The Modern Data Warehouse and Analytics Stack TDWI Checklist: Six Keys for Success Organizations want flexibility and scalability for their analytics efforts. TDWI research indicates that...

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Managing Tableau Bridge at Scale

Tableau Bridge is a necessary component to many successful organizations leveraging Tableau Cloud and looking to ensure connectivity for their on-premises data sources. Bridge can be...

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Five Simple Ways to get your C-Suite on Board with Data

Some think the phrase “data is the new oil” is already overhyped and overused. But if it has shot so quickly to overuse then it’s probably something worthy of attention. Research shows that...

Using Open Data to Improve Financial Accountability in Public Sector

The key to better government is in the data - and the best way to provide the transparency that the public expects, and the level of detail that public sector organizations need to ensure financial...

7 Essential Finance Dashboard Strategies

Powerful finance dashboards can provide public sector organizations with critical insights that are fundamental to decision making. And with increased emphasis and standards being implemented for...

5 Steps to Prevent & Detect Fraud in Public Sector Using Data Analytics

Financial fraud can take many forms, and as fraudulent activities become more stealth and difficult to detect, public sector organizations are challenged to keep up. The key to fraud detection and...

AIA Singapore maximizes business performance with Tableau center of excellence

AIA is one of Singapore’s leading providers of insurance and financial services. Headquartered in Hong Kong, AIA Group Limited has a presence across 18 markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Senior...

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Whitepaper - Tableau Cloud Scalability: Overview and Proof Points

Part of our mission to help people see and understand data means ensuring our customers have confidence in the scalability and availability of our SaaS analytics platform, Tableau Cloud. When...

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Whitepaper - Best Practices for Row Level Security with Entitlements Tables

As modern analytics brings data access to more users for informed decision-making, striking the balance between control and agility is critical. In a self-service environment, the role of data...