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Telling A Story: 12 minutes to Work Smarter with Data

This one is all about speed.
Each on-demand webinar will feature a real-world case study and do it all just 12 minutes.

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Why focus on Speed? It's simple:

  • Companies tell us that data analysis takes too long, is too cumbersome and adds too little value.
  • The modern mind works fast, asks questions quickly and expects answers now.
  • You don't have days or weeks to wait for insights into your data
  • Because with Tableau, you can.

Whether you're a legal firm, education institution or consumer goods corporation; chances are there's more data to dig into than ever before.

Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how a story is built and told, from scratch, in just 12 minutes.

Would like a copy of the workbook shared in the presentation? Check it out here

About the speaker

Kelly Hotta

Tableau Software, Product Consultant

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