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Analytics meet Big Data in the Cloud

Introducing Tableau Online, the latest addition to Tableau family! Rapid-fire business analytics that allow you to share live, interactive views of data with a few clicks. Be empowered to answer your own questions right in a web browser or on a tablet. Join us in our 60 minutes webinar to see Tableau Online in action and how you can:

  • Get started fast: No hardware to provision.No configuration. Nothing to manage. Just your data, at your fingertips, now.
  • Share Dashboards: Tableau Online keeps your data secure, but works outside your firewall—so it’s easy to collaborate with partners and customers.
  • Edit your data anywhere: Tableau Online is mobile. you can get your dashboards in any web browser, iPad or Android tablet.
  • Centralize your data: Just as you can publish a dashboard to Tableau Online, you can also publish data and data sources to share.

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TC Gan

Sales Consulting Manager - APAC
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