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Higher Education Gets Smarter When IT Empowers Everyone with Data

Neil Randall, Business Intelligence Manager, will share how he changed the culture at Southampton Solent University from IT-managed reporting to empowering business users to create their own reports. Southampton Solent University is based in the UK and has approximately 11,000 students. Neil leads the Business Intelligence team of 5 members which supports more than 200 Tableau users.

Upon joining the team, Neil was faced with moving the university from a position of multiple disparate data sources and departments into a collaborative model that could easily share data and work together to identify and solve problems real-time. The university also faced challenges in the competitive higher education landscape including retention, attracting new students year after year, and looming budget cuts. To be successful, employees outside Neil's IT team needed fast access to data.

Neil has led a culture shift where data is now owned by the organisation instead of just the IT department. The biggest benefit is that "IT is no longer a bottleneck to data-driven decisioning but an enabler. We have independent… working/support groups being created without any IT lead by users themselves."

During this webinar you'll hear how to:

  • Change your institution’s culture so data can be accessed by everyone who needs it.
  • Identify and resolve potential problems real-time with data visualisation and self-service analytics.
  • Analyse trends and make data-driven decisions in a higher education environment.

Sobre os palestrantes

Neil Randall

Business Intelligence Manager, Southampton Solent University
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