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Building Trust & Visibility with Self-Service Data Management

Your organisation understands the need to provide the visibility and control to drive trust in your data environment. Tableau’s Data Management solution allows you to do this at scale from IT to the individual analysts – it’s trusted data for everyone.

By providing a complete picture of the data in a Tableau environment, IT can track, manage, and communicate to users about the various updates and changes on data assets. End users can not only find the data they’re looking for, but also know it’s the right data, without any second guessing.

In this webinar, co-hosted with our valued partner, Biztory, you will:

  • Learn the value of data management at scale.
  • Uncover ways to improve data visibility, trust, and discoverability within your organisation.
  • Discover how you can gain a complete view of your data.
  • Better understand data relationships that identify implications but also who will be affected, minimizing headaches for everyone.

About the speakers

Greg Koumoundouros

Senior Enterprise Account Manager, Tableau

Bram Van Hooydonck

Analytics Consultant, Biztory

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