Erin Easter, Lead Technical Writer, and Wade Tibke, Marketing Systems Manager, certainly know how to provide great beginner tips without making them seem overwhelming. In a very comfortable and personal way, they offered 10 tips every beginner should know.

  1. Converting dimensions to measures – and changing data types
  2. Specifying a default sort order – and other field defaults
  3. Working with multiple measures – blending axes and secondary axes
  4. Formatting tooltips – including and excluding fields
  5. Dates - continuous versus discrete
  6. Relative date filters – filter views to show last N days
  7. Context filters – computing top N filters
  8. Copy and paste between workbooks – calculated fields, sets, and sheets
  9. Saving your work - Tableau file types
  10. Creating large groups – groups versus contains

Lots to digest but thankfully they provided a handout to take with. And fortunately, the handout will be available to everyone else on the conference website.
As a bonus, Wade offered a final tip that is an IF/THEN statement with a CASE statement built in. Yikes! Did he think we advanced that quickly? Actually he walked through it and it wasn’t as intimidating as we thought. Now we can go off and impress our co-workers!

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Hi, I had a look at the conference website and the video or file has not yet appeared. Some of these items would be good to hear about so let me know if you put them up!

I would also like to see a link to the handouts mentioned here....