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8 Nov, 2012


Facebook Adopts Tableau for Analytics Dashboards
6 Nov, 2012


Tableau 8 unveiled. Can it keep the good times rolling?
6 Nov, 2012


From Users to IT -- How Tableau Broadens Its Appeal
6 Nov, 2012

IT Jungle

Tableau Attracts Big Attention for Unique Approach to Data
26 Out, 2012


Hadoop Gets Love, but It’s Really About “Brute Force” says Rainstor CEO
26 Out, 2012


Visualizing Big Data's Key Partner
24 Out, 2012
Cloudera Makes SQL a First-Class Citizen in Hadoop
24 Out, 2012

The Cube

The Cube - Strata-Hadoop World 2012 - Mingsheng Hong & Philip Wickline
23 Out, 2012

The Register

Greenplum opens up Big Data control freak: Chorus for all of us
23 Out, 2012


Big Data, Big News: 10 Things To See At Hadoop World