Connect directly to Cisco, Kognitio from Tableau

We have exciting news: You can now connect directly to Cisco Information Server (formerly Composite) and Kognitio from Tableau!

The new connectors are part of Tableau 9.3.1. We’ve also made our Snowflake connector faster and added support for Oracle 12c In-Memory.

New connector for Cisco Information Server 6.2 & 7.0

Valuable data is everywhere today. It’s in databases, in spreadsheets, in flat files, and on the web. The faster we can bring the data together and visualize it, the sooner we can realize the value in our data.

Data virtualization solutions like Cisco Information Server (formerly Composite) help customers bring together data from across their organization into a single virtual database.

Instead of using data prep or ETL, customers connect Cisco Information Server to databases, files, and web services. Customers can then model their data into business-friendly views, enabling Tableau to query those views like a single database.

With Tableau 9.3.1, you can now connect to Cisco Information Server 6.2 and 7.0 from Windows and Tableau Server.

New connector for Kognitio 8.1+

The Kognitio In-Memory Analytical Platform allows users to pull large amounts of data from Hadoop into Kognitio's scalable in-memory platform. Customers use their platform to analyze their big data interactively, and now you can connect to Kognitio 8.1 directly from Tableau! The connector is available on Mac, Windows, and Tableau Server.

Connector improvements

  • Snowflake: We now create temporary tables faster for Snowflake. This means sets, complex filters, and Level of Detail Expressions will render faster, helping you stay in the analytical flow.
  • Oracle: Our Oracle named connector has been tested with Oracle 12c In-Memory supporting operational analytics.

We plan to continue building new connectors and improving the speed of our existing connectors so you can stay in the flow of analysis.

Do you have an idea for a new connector? Maybe an idea for a connector improvement? Let us know on the Ideas Forum.

And if you're interested in helping us beta-test new connectors, please email me at

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