Empowered Teams, Empowered Care

In the world of healthcare, there are a lot of moving parts. The industry is multi-faceted, and employs people from a wide range of specialties.

Michael Thurston is an analyst for the human resources (HR) department at Intermountain Healthcare. While not a traditional healthcare story, his tale is equally important. After all, his work is all about empowering a workforce—a workforce, in this case, that provides care to thousands of patients.

Michael’s team is innovating with data to prove the value of HR. “There is so much data within human resources,” he explains. “Tableau allows you to slice the data in a lot of different ways, but also drill down to something that is specific and meaningful for a leader to actually take and apply.” While HR departments have not always done a lot of analytics, Michael’s team is changing the game. Read the interview to learn more.

Of course, data also plays a big role in the more traditional sense of healthcare. We recently spoke to Waseem Ali, Group Performance & Information Manager, about how Virgin Care is using data to improve outcomes:

There’s no doubt about it—data is important to all areas of healthcare. We’re inspired by the many (different!) ways that people are innovating. To hear from other healthcare leaders, check out this video.

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