You saw Tableau VP of Mobile Dave Story show it off at TC14. You're so excited you want to head over to the Project Elastic site and sign up for more information.

But, what is it?

Project Elastic is a new standalone tablet app, built from the ground up. It's data exploration at your fingertips. If you've got a dataset, a tablet, and some questions, Project Elastic is for you. You can leave the servers and databases at home. Or the office, actually.

Project Elastic
Project Elastic, an early version

It's perfect for someone like me. I'm pretty good with Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, but I'm not always at a computer. With Project Elastic, when I go to check on my fitness bracelet, I can take a CSV of its data and pinch, swipe and zoom to find insights, all without leaving the comfort of my couch. The irony. But on the bright side, looks like my exercise counter is trending up.

I also store my own budget information in the cloud, which I can then sit back and explore using my fingers. I've been looking for ways to trim unnecessary expenses, and I've noticed I spent a significant chunk of change on coffee. Which is a surprise; I'm not a native Seattleite and don't particularly like coffee. It must be all the meetings I go to at coffee shops. I'll have to remember to get something cheaper, like water.

You get the idea.

Project Elastic is a new way to explore data on your tablet. Whether you have a spreadsheet in an email or a dataset from your bank or fitness bracelet--it's data exploration and insights on the go, from anywhere in the world.

Sign up to stay in touch with news and updates here:

For those of you at TC14, we also have a "Meet the Makers" session tonight, Wednesday 9/10 at 6:15pm at WSCC 620.

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