As Hadoop becomes more and more popular for helping organizations deal with big and unstructured data, the conversation around how to leverage SQL based tools and expertise with Hadoop for better analytical insights is becoming a hot topic. We at Tableau love being in the middle of these discussions since it lets us better understand how we can achieve our mission of helping people see and understand their data. For this reason we are excited to join the SQL-on-Hadoop live Twitter Q&A happening Wednesday, December 17th starting at 11:30am PST to discuss the open-source project Apache Drill.

We invite anyone who is already using a SQL-on-Hadoop solution or is interested in learning more about the subject to join the live Twitter Q&A session by simply using the hashtag #DrillQA. Tableau’s very own Product Manager, Jeff Feng, will be participating along with Apache Drill committers Tomer Shiran, Jacques Nadeau, and Ted Dunning along with data scientist Dr. Kirk Borne.

What: Live Twitter Q&A Answering SQL-on-Hadoop Questions Hosted by @ApacheDrill
When: Wednesday, December 17th, starting at 11:30am PST/2:30pm EST
Hashtag: #DrillQA
Twitter Accounts to Watch:

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From the demo of Tableau and Big SQL, there is a 'measures' window, what is a measure in the database world, is this a view or a stored procedure of some kind

Hi Nailah,

The measure window in the BigSQL demo you're referring to is where Tableau Desktop places quantitative columns of data (sales, profit, etc.) as opposed to dimensions which are typically used to categorize or order quantitative data. Great page here going into much further detail:

Typically these are raw table columns, but can be from a view within the database.

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