Tableau Conference On Tour 2014 made its final stop in the bustling city of Tokyo on 12 November. Over 300 customers, partners and sponsors attended this inaugural On Tour conference in Japan. Customers enjoyed a full day of keynote sessions from notable data analytics leaders, and breakout sessions in Japanese and English by Tableau customers and the developers who build Tableau.

The conference started with a bang in the morning with presentations from in-market leaders JY Pook, Vice President of Sales for APAC, and Shun Hamada, President & Country Manager for Japan. The attendees were so engrossed in the presentations that many were unaware that an earthquake measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale hit Ibaraki-ken Nambu, Japan during the session. Fortunately, no damages were reported from the earthquake.

The in-market presentations were followed by keynote sessions by Tableau leaders Tom Walker, CFO, and Francois Ajenstat, Senior Director of Product Management. Tom spoke about the founding of Tableau and the importance of “kaizen” in the continuous development and improvement of Tableau software, a concept the Japanese attendees are familiar with. Francois gave an excellent overview of Tableau Software's key features, highlighting the ease of producing beautiful visualizations. He also shared Tableau’s journey of becoming recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics market once again for 2014.

"This was my first Tableau conference and my level of understanding with the software has improved." - Kazuyoshi Yoshimura, Group Leader for Eye Tech Co., Ltd.

"The content was interesting and inspiring. I learned great tips and how to use Tableau professionally. I would like to learn more about Tableau." - Atsushi Mori, Senior Engineer for Goalist Co., Ltd.

For the afternoon keynote presentation, Greg Forrest, Director of Marketing Operations & Demand Central from Concur Technologies traveled across continents from Washington state to share how Concur is leveraging Tableau to drive smarter decision-making, especially in the sales and marketing functions. He presented some of Concur’s most popular views, and Nate Vogel, Director of Global Sales Readiness at Tableau, later joined him for a lively discussion on stage to drill deeper about the deployment of Tableau at Concur. The crowd applauded the great content shared by Greg and threw question after question at him during the question and answer session.

"Tableau On Tour Tokyo was well worth my time. It was a valuable experience to meet with so many excited partners and customers to share ideas." - Greg Forrest, Concur Technologies

Throughout the day, customers had the opportunity to discover new ways to get more from their data. Following the keynote, customers attended the breakout sessions which focused on core Tableau product features, visualization best practices, and customer success stories. The customer-led sessions featuring the National Cancer Center and Dentsu were met with overwhelming responses and positive feedback. Breakout rooms were packed with data lovers eager to learn from our Tableau champions.

“Tips and Tricks from a Tableau Jedi and the customer sharing session by Dentsu were very interesting. The presenters shared useful tips coupled with real-life examples.” – Manabu Hasebe, Data Analyst for BizReach, Inc.

“Tableau Conference On Tour was not just an occasion where users gathered, but a gathering for data lovers to engage with each other and further boost Tableau. I would definitely love to attend the next conference.” – Hiroko Tsuchimoto, Change Co., Ltd.

No Tableau Conference On Tour is complete without a signature Tableau party and photo booth. Customers and partners were invited to the networking reception at the end of the day to mingle and interact with other professionals. Famous radio DJ Guy Perryman rocked the party, spinning tunes to get everyone in the mood. Attendees and Tableau staff had fun dolling themselves up with props and taking photos together at the booth, which is a perfect memento for all to mark the end of yet another successful Tableau Conference On Tour!

“I had a great time at the conference and learned a lot from the presenters. Thank you Tableau for the inspirational session.”- Fumihiko Ishima, General Manager, System Solution Group, Business Development of VALUES Inc.

“Data analytics is growing in the Japanese market and to cater to customers’ demand, we brought Tableau Conference On Tour to Tokyo. Customers loved the ability to hear directly from Tableau leadership about the future direction of the product as well as learning best practices from our customer keynote, Concur Technologies. Localized content ensured customers reaped the most out of the conference in a familiar and comfortable environment. Our first Tableau Conference On Tour in Japan was a remarkable success!” – Shun Hamada, Tableau Japan K.K.

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