Intuition + Data = Better Customer Communication at Genesys

Intuition is good, but data is often better. Genesys, a provider of multi-channel customer communications, is using Tableau help to validate their intuitions and ultimately improve the way they reach out to customers and understand their needs.

In this interview, Genesys' director of business intelligence, Anthony Chamberas, explains how Tableau is helping the company improve its call campaigns.

Before Genesys started using Tableau, its main data tool was Excel. But the program proved too limited for the company's analysis needs. For instance, Chamberas and his colleagues needed to understand how customers responded to phone calls in order to improve call strategy.

A landline phone
Tableau helped Genesys determine the best times of the day to reach customers—and when it's better to call a landline than a cell phone.

With over 3,500 clients and more than 100 million customer communications occurring daily, Genesys has plenty of data on hand. Using Tableau provided greater insight into that data, giving the BI team answers to questions like "When is it best to call a customer's landline?" and "What causes some people to hang up a phone call, and how can we be more sensitive to those needs?"

"My colleagues would often have hunches about what is probably going on in a campaign," recalls Chamberas. "Using a tool like Tableau allowed us to investigate their hunches."

Supplementing intuitions with data has proved a useful strategy for Genesys. Chamberas discusses one particular visualization created in Tableau to gain insight into call campaigns.

"It validated a lot of what my coworkers kind of knew but could never really show," he says. "It really brought us together, again having this conversation, communicating, coming from two different worlds—the data and Tableau in the middle did that for us."

Watch Chamberas discuss that visualization and more here.

Photo credit: "Cisco phone" by Garvid via Wikimedia Commons.

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